Our Initiatives
Increase awareness and encourage safe driving

Safe Driving, Life Saving

One of the Foundation's most prominent initiatives is “Safe Driving, Life Saving” Campaign.
This campaign aims to creatively contribute to raising awareness and encouraging safe driving in order to prevent further loss of lives caused by traffic accidents.
Unfortunately, statistics in Saudi Arabia indicate that more than 485,000 car accidents resulted in more than 6,000 deaths a year. According to the Ministry of Health, hospitals in the Kingdom reported that 81% of deaths are caused by traffic accidents. If this trend continues, statistics by 2030 in Saudi Arabia, would reach to more than 4 million accidents a year.
Our mission is to highlight these terrifying facts to change the course of bad driving habits by guiding the youths to follow the safety rules of traffic and promoting awareness to produce a radical positive change.

Enhance the importance of conserving water

Our Water, Our Life

Water is Life and from this context, we introduce our second campaign entitled “Our Water, Our Life”. This campaign is meant to raise awareness among Arab society about the importance of water conservation and the risk of water pollution and depletion of water resources.
Sadly, today we live in a world, where many areas are affected by water shortages and many children and people die because of the lack of safe drinking water. We also note the increasing phenomenon of desertification, which is also caused by water shortage and water pollution due to human misconduct of water usage.
Our mission is to enhance the importance of conserving water, thus preserving life, minimizing waste, and motivating each member of the society to raise awareness about the wise use of water.

Promote the importance of following healthy habits

Our Health, Our Crown

Our third awareness campaign is “Our Health, Our Crown”, which aims to promote the importance of following a path of healthy habits and raising the community’s awareness towards health issues.
Furthermore, this campaign seeks to raise awareness regarding the most common health issues related to human lifestyles in order to encourage future generations to live a healthy, vigorous and disease free life.
desertification, which is also caused by water shortage and water pollution due to human misconduct of water usage.
Our mission is to point out that the responsibility of health lies more on the human himself than on the doctor or the medical team. Indeed, preserving the health of a human in any society is not only a social humanitarian act, but also a pillar of development and renaissance in all spheres of life.

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