Participation’s Methods
  • 1. Present awareness ideas

    The participant should present awareness ideas that serve one of the required campaign topics.

  • 2. Methods of participation

    Three methods of participation will be adopted in this competition, and they are as follows. You either participate by a: 1- Short awareness video. 2- Design of an awareness poster (image, photo, graphic or info graphic design). 3- An applicable invention idea that targets an existing problem and suggests a solution for it.

  • 3. Choose the topic

    The participant will choose one of the required topics present in the website on the home page of

  • 4. Specify the participation method

    The participant will specify his/her interest in one of the above participation method.

  • 5. Collect the information

    The participant will collect the necessary and reliable information to enrich his/her participation by clarifying problem/s and reviewing ways of resolving it.

  • 6. Registeration

    The participant will sign up to the website and fill out a registration form, upload a copy of his/her university’s ID card to confirm the identity of the participant, and then choose a method of participation and submit the participation.

  • 7. Filtering

    All participations will be checked, filtered, and published at one time.

  • 8. Voting

    The public will be able to access and sign up to the website to vote on the best participations published.

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