Terms and conditions
Competition Terms

Rules and Regulations

The following terms include the terms and conditions of the BMG Award Competition, hereinafter referred to as “Competition” and constitute an integral part thereof. Therefore, participating in this competition implies acceptance and full compliance with these terms and conditions and their implications as well as compliance with the stages of the competition, the manner of participation, the terms of accepting a participation, and the specific topics of the competition. Thus, any violation of these conditions gives the full right to BMG Foundation not to accept the participation or to remove it from the competition. This competition is considered a property/ ownership of BMG Foundation.

By participating in this competition, the participant expressly agrees to all of the terms below.

BMG Foundation has the right to cancel, extend, or modify the competition or its terms or conditions without prior notice, and we will seek to post any changes to the competition on bmgaward.com website.

Qualifying to Enter the Competition

  • The participant must be a citizen or resident and is currently enrolled in a public or private university in any of the following GCC countries:
      Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    1. The United Arab Emirates
    1. Kuwait
  • The participant must be in the age between 17 and 25 years.
  • Participations must be made solely by the student himself/herself; group works/projects will not be accepted.

The Award/Prize

  • The winner is the only person authorized to receive the prize.
  • If one of the winners could not be reached or contacted, his/her participation will be out of the competition and the prize will be given to another winning participation.
  • The winner of the competition must collect his/her prize within a maximum period of two weeks from the date to be determined by BMG Foundation.
  • In case of any attempt of fraud or plagiarism by any participant, he/she will be disqualified.

Judging Criteria

The best participations, which gain the highest number of votes, will be nominated to a judging committee, who will select the winners. The committee’s decision is based on several criteria, such as creativity, sense of art, impact, significance, authenticity, and execution as well as other criteria.

Content Quality and Criteria

All participations will be subject to scrutiny to ensure that the content is relevant to the required topics, community standards, and competition’s terms and conditions. In the event of any fraudulent attempt by any participant, his or her participation will be excluded.
BMG Foundation reserves the right to reject any participation that does not meet the following conditions and criteria:

  • The participation must not contain any content that is incompatible with or offensive to the customs and traditions of Saudi Arabia.
  • The participation must not include any content or endorsement of any political or religious beliefs.
  • The participation must not include any content or material that is offensive to any religion, nation, state or race.
  • The participant must have a consent from any person featured in the images/photos/videos, as well as a consent over revealing any relevant information (if any).

Licensing and Copyright

  • The participant agrees to grant BMG Foundation, its management and representatives, the right to use the participation provided unconditionally.
  • The participant declares that the participation; including any picture, image or video; is his/her own property and has made it to participate in BMG Award only, and not in any other contests. He/she has the copyrights only, and whoever violates this is subject to legal procedures.
  • The participant allows BMG Foundation to use all contact information for future competitions.
  • The participant waives the right for advertisements objection and hereby confirms his/her approval.
  • The participant releases BMG Foundation and its clients, partners and any authorized members from all responsibility when using his/her information, image, voice record, video or any part thereof.
  • All forms of this offer are private and may only be used by BMG Foundation to serve the community.
  • Facebook or any other social media or advertising agencies and means are not allowed to use this form for any purpose.
  • The participant acknowledges not to claim any right for financial compensation in any form regarding the mentioned in the previous paragraphs.

Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice

For inquiries, please contact: info@bmgfoundation.com

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