Acceptance Criteria
Conditions for Accepting Participations
Participating with a short video

  • The video must be produced by the participant him/her self.
  • The video must not be more than three minutes.
  • The video must be uploaded on YouTube or Google Drive
  • The idea of the video should be new and creative and far from repetition.
  • Innovation in the presentation of problems and how to solve them in an interesting and attractive way.

Participating with a design

  • The work should be designed by the participant him/her self.
  • The size of the design should not be more than 5 MB.
  • The design should be in JPG / PNG / GIF format.
  • The concept of the design should be simplified to facilitate the delivery of information to the public.
  • The design should present existing problem/s and review ways to solve it.

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